Sunday, July 29, 2012

Horror Movie

I went to my friends house for a sleep over today and saw my first horror movie. I used to think horror movies were retarted and frieky and I never wanted to see one but this was soo much fun. :) We saw Woman in Black and Final Destination 5. Me and mom are gonna rent all of the final destinations and we are gonna invite erica over and me and erica are gonna watch them *squeal* I can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beach Trip

I went to the beach with the Vinsons. Even though my foot was hurting it was still tons of fun. I got pictures aren't you ever so proud of me!!! :D I posted a lot of captions under the pictures, they mainly just say peoples names and stuff so if you already know who's in the picture then don't read them it'll just be boring.

Anim with Billy
Mark and Bill
Mark and Bill
Noelle and Bill
Anim and Bill.
I absolutely love this picture its so cute!

Martin and Bill
They were feeding the birds bread. :D

Laurie and ME!!!
Anim and Bill
Me Laurie Memo and Martin
Isn't that sooo cute! You just wanna squish him :D
I know I look horrible but this was one of the only pics of me so I had to use it.
Mark and Bill
Isn't Bill's smile sooo cute? :D
Mark and Maria!!!
They look so happy :D
Memo, and I'm pretty sure thats me in the background but I could be wrong.
Bill and Mark
I think I look ok there.
Billy and Noelle
I love the color of his eyes!
Noelle and Anim
Mark and Bill
Bill and Memo
That hole actually turned out to be REALLY deep.
Noelle and Anim
I love your bathing suit Noelle!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I sprained my foot, I fell UP the stairs... weird huh? :( I will be in crutches for a while. It sucks cause the crutches are making big bruises on my arms idk why but it REALLY hurts to use them. I'll update again as soon as I get the pics I need.
I got pretty scraped up as well
Awesome pic huh? :D
I had just fell over and hurt my foot really face looks weird ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012


Soooo I haven't posted in AGES!!!! Very sorry about that...I'm gonna post 3 posts within the next few days to make up for it though. :D Well...enjoy. 

IDK why I took this but I thought it came out nice.
lol...very random
Our awesome high five
I'm flying Jack
Just randomness laurie wanted to take it so I let her and decided to show you guys.
thats River's Peace...its kind of an "inside joke" :( man I hate saying that.
Love love love this shirt
Charlie Brown
We were trying soooo hard not to laugh :D